Complaints to the data or the wrong service type.

If you have received the service and found out that the delivered goods do not match the order or the data on the receipt is not correct, please send us an e-mail with your data (name, last name, phone) at least 24hours from receiving the service to our e-mail and describe what kind of problem you have. Or download the reclamation list from the link at the end of this text, complete it and send it to our e-mail address. We will respond as soon as possible to the consumer's complaint electronically (e-mail) by confirming the receipt of the complaint, or by reporting the number under which your complaint is filed in the records of the complaints received and informing you of any further action. The deadline for answering a complaint is 8 days, and 15 for issuing it from the date the complaint was filled in.
Download the reclamation list here.


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