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About us

Booking.dentist is a global platform for dental tourism. We cooperate with over 1500 dental clinics in 35 countries and our partners services are used by dental patients worldwide. We achieve the largest volume of business in Hungary, Turkey, Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Mexico, UAE, etc.

What is Booking.dentist?

Booking.dentist is a global platform for finding and scheduling dental check-ups. We want to make it easy for you to get the dental care you need. It's all about making it simple and less expensive to find a dentist and set up an appointment.

Easy to Use: Our platform is easy to use. You can look for dentists, treatments and clinics all over the world!

Benefits and a free appointment: on Booking.dentist you get a free first appointment, a lowest price guarantee, and much more!

Support: We're here to make dental care easy for you. Our sales staff will ensure you get the best deal possible.

How Booking.dentist Can Help Your Clinic

Welcome to Booking.dentist, a platform that makes dental care easier for clinics. In this video, we'll cover: Attracting New Patients: See how Booking.dentist can help your clinic reach more patients. It's easy for potential patients to find you and learn about your services.

Global Platform: Booking.dentist helps you enter new markets and present yourself to customers all over the world.

Boosting Online Presence: Discover how you can enhance your online presence. We'll guide you on creating an appealing clinic profile with photos, service details, and patient reviews to build trust.

Personalized Support: Our dedicated team is here to assist your clinic. From platform guidance to technical help, we're ready to support you.

Why potential dental patients around the world use Booking.dentist:
We provide the largest offer of dental clinics in one place
Potential patients can choose from over 1000 clinics in twenty-two countries in more than 100 destinations.

We provide analyses of prices in one place
We have made a price analysis for potential patients, which helps them choose the most favourable clinic.

We provide patient satisfaction analysis in one place
Based on patient reviews, we have made a satisfaction analysis for potential patients, which helps them choose the best clinic.

We provide a free consultation with a dentist specialist on Booking.dentist
Potential patients can get a neutral opinion from our dentists based on an X-ray.

We provide clinics with an additional discount of up to -40% for some services
Certain clinics allow additional discounts of up to 40% on some services, only for Booking.dentist.

We provide clinics with free examination
Most of our clinics provide the first examination free of charge.

We provide clinics with free imaging
Some of our clinics offer dental imaging free of charge.

We provide clinics with free VIP transport from the airport
Some of our clinics provide free VIP transportation from the airport.

We provide clinics with free accommodation during therapy
Some of our clinics provide free accommodation.

We provide earnings with Booking.dentist
If patients recommend us to their friends or relatives, they will get a voucher worth EUR 100 per referral.

We recommend clinics with top value for money
We can easily recommend the clinics with the best service for the price you pay or the clinics with the service at the lowest price.

We recommend specialized clinics
Our Patient Managers can recommend a clinic that specializes in solving the patient's dental problem.

We recommend clinics with painless therapies
Our Patient Managers will recommend clinics that provide therapies under sedation or general anaesthesia.

We recommend clinics with the best payment terms
Our Patient Managers will recommend clinics that offer a discount for cash, card payment or payment in instalments.

We guarantee the best offers from clinics
We guarantee to potential patients that they will receive the most favourable offer that the chosen clinic can make. If they get a better offer directly in the selected clinic, we will refund the difference.

We guarantee you’ll save your time and money
Our Patient Managers help potential patients choose the ideal clinic for their dental problem. In this way, they save time in selecting the right clinic and money, by choosing the clinic with the highest level of value for money.


Booking.dentist was created with the goal of helping dental service users make an easier decision about who to entrust their dental problems to. Therefore, we defined the mission as:
To spread oral health among people and thus enable them to live a better life.


We are aware that the vision is a mirror of the participants, so we set an ambitious vision:
Become the largest dental service provider globally.


Based on our vision, we have also outlined goals that are the benchmark and standard for our performance. Our long-term goals are:
  • annual growth of the number of dental customers
  • annual growth in the number of providers of dental services
  • an above-average level of customer satisfaction with dental services
  • an above-average level of satisfaction of dental service providers
  • an above-average level of employee satisfaction
  • an above-average degree of independence and internal stability

Best Offer Guaranteed

If you find a better offer directly at the dentist clinic or the other website, we will reduce the price of your offer

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Take advantage of the free advice of our experts

Discounted prices

Only for booking through platform Booking.dentist

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If you find it difficult to choose the right clinics for you, Booking.dentist may recommend the best clinics for you