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Dalmatia, Croatia
e.g. Tooth extraction

Dr. Bilan Center for Dental Medicine

4.53/5(4 reviews)

Pristojbi specijalne policije Zadar 19, Zadar 23000, Croatia

dr. Bilan, a center for dental medicine, is located in Zadar and specializes in comprehensive dental services for the whole family. We combine our knowledge, experience and dedication to work with the most modern technology to make sure you get the best service, just the way you deserve. The owner and manager of the Center is dr. Branka Bilan, under whose expert guidance the Center is developing into a relevant factor in the area of Zadar, the Zadar region, and Croatia as well. dr. Branka Bilan has been in the profession for more than 20 years, and in 2001 she founded her dental practice. Her greatest reward is the satisfaction of the patient, and in order to achieve this, she constantly improves and educates herself in Croatia and Europe. Her particular focus of interest is dental prosthetics with an emphasis on function and aesthetics, as well as dental implants. She is a member of the Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, the Croatian Society for Aesthetic Dental Medicine and the owner of several certificates in dental implantology.

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No waiting period

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Everything in one place

e.g. Tooth extraction

All 15 treatments

  • Zirconium crown

  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

  • All on 4 (acrylic teeth)

  • Nobel Biocare implant insertion

  • Composite fillings (white fillings)

  • All on 4 (porcelain teeth)

  • Tooth extraction

  • Removal of dental calculus

  • Endodontic treatment of a vital tooth

  • Sandblasting for teeth with air flow method (removal of pigmentation)

  • Dental jewelry (zirconium)

  • Alveolectomy

  • Abutment

  • Periodontal laser therapy

  • Apicoectomy


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Ortopan 2D scaning in Clinic

This is an advanced scanning technology to produce high-quality images of your oral structures. Intraoral X-rays focus on teeth and jaw, while panoramic X-rays show the whole mouth and face. The process is quick, safe, and involves low-dose radiation and digital technology. The clinic can store and share these images with specialists as needed, ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

3D scaning in Clinic

3D scanning ( Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a way of taking pictures of your mouth with a special machine. It shows your teeth, jaw, and other parts in 3D, which means you can see them from different angles. This helps us to check your mouth and fix any problems you have. This type of scan is faster, more accurate, and more comfortable than normal X-rays, it shows how your bones and roots are shaped, and it helps to plan your treatment better. We only use 3D scanning when we need to see more things than normal X-rays can show us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular treatments for Dr. Bilan Center for Dental Medicine?

Some of the most popular treatments in Dr. Bilan Center for Dental Medicine are:
  • Zirconium crown
  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)
  • All on 4 (acrylic teeth)

Which amenities are available in Dr. Bilan Center for Dental Medicine?

You can expect these amenities from Dr. Bilan Center for Dental Medicine:
  • Free first examination
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetic
  • Orthodontics

How do I find the best clinic for my dental treatment abroad?

To find the best clinic for your dental treatment abroad, you can use our platform to compare different clinics based on their prices, reviews, ratings, services, facilities, locations, and credentials. You can also contact our advisors who can help you choose the most suitable clinic for your needs.

How do I book an appointment with a clinic abroad?

To book an appointment with a clinic abroad, you can use our platform to request an inquiry to the clinic of your choice. You can also set up your plans with client managers who will assist you through the process.

4 Reviews

Ivana  Toša


Ivana Toša

Bolni zub a ja u drugom gradu. Hvala na brzom prijemu i rješavanju problema. Dr. Masnov odlična! Pozdrav svima!

Stjepan  Mazur


Stjepan Mazur

Sve pohvale dr. Branki Bilan i njenom mladom, pametnom i lijepom timu na odlično obavljenom poslu.

Nevena  Ukić


Nevena Ukić

Poliklinika Bilan u Zadru zaslužuje svaku pohvalu kao i njezini djelatnici. Dr. Bilan i njezin tim su me prvenstveno oduševili svojim pristupom i ljudskosti prema pacijentu, kao i stručnosti u obavljanju svog posla koji rade s mnogo strpljenja i ljubavi. Imate moje sve preporuke i hvala od srca

DarioCarArt  null



Supruga je imala panicni strah od zubara zbog losih iskustava kroz zivot, no u ordinaciji Bilan je to zavrsilo. Bezbolno u nekoliko minuta izvadjen joj je umanjak. Fantasticna usluga, hi end ordinacija i osoblje. Svaka preporuka, za nas, apsolutni broj 1 u Zadru, ne treba traziti dalje.

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