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Timisoara, Romania
e.g. Tooth extraction

DentalTours Romania

4.5/5(4 reviews)

Strada Ardealului 79, Timișoara 300154, Romania

We are a dental office for the whole family and we are located in Timișoara, Romania. A young team of well-trained and dedicated doctors, a warm and relaxed atmosphere and the latest innovations in dental equipment await you here. You can feel completely comfortable, pleasant and safe with us. We are professionals in all branches of dentistry for adults, as well as in children's dentistry.

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No waiting period

Years of Experience

WiFi in clinic

e.g. Tooth extraction

All 13 treatments

  • Metal ceramic crown

  • Zirconium crown

  • Composite fillings (white fillings)

  • Tooth extraction

  • Fixed dental braces (one jaw)

  • Removal of dental calculus

  • Laser teeth whitening

  • Invisaligne orhtodontic device (one jaw)

  • Endodontic treatment of a vital tooth

  • Sandblasting for teeth with air flow method (removal of pigmentation)

  • Dental jewelry (zirconium)

  • Alveolectomy

  • Dental jewelry twinkles (various shapes, gold)


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Sedation is a way to make you feel calm and relaxed when you have a dental procedure. The dentist will choose the best way to sedate you, based on your health and medical history. You need to have someone with you who can look after you. You also need to do what the dentist tells you before and after the procedure. You may feel a bit sleepy or dizzy for a while, so don’t do anything hard or dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular treatments for DentalTours Romania?

Some of the most popular treatments in DentalTours Romania are:
  • Metal ceramic crown
  • Zirconium crown
  • Composite fillings (white fillings)

Which amenities are available in DentalTours Romania?

You can expect these amenities from DentalTours Romania:
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetic
  • Orthodontics
  • No waiting period

How do I find the best clinic for my dental treatment abroad?

To find the best clinic for your dental treatment abroad, you can use our platform to compare different clinics based on their prices, reviews, ratings, services, facilities, locations, and credentials. You can also contact our advisors who can help you choose the most suitable clinic for your needs.

How do I book an appointment with a clinic abroad?

To book an appointment with a clinic abroad, you can use our platform to request an inquiry to the clinic of your choice. You can also set up your plans with client managers who will assist you through the process.

4 Reviews

Elisabeta  Pintilie


Elisabeta Pintilie

My name is Eli Pintilie, Timisoara, I want to make some assessments to the doctors and staff of this clinic. They are by far the best, professionally and socially. I am very satisfied with the services of this clinic, the dedication and professionalism of the medical staff deserves all the praise. DENTAL TOURS you are the best! Congratulations !

Mărculeț  Marco


Mărculeț Marco

The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, kind and friendly staff. Miss Dr. Avramovici Alina took care of the canal treatment which was not painful at all despite the fact that it is a sensitive, complicated and long procedure. I have had canal treatments at other dentists and it was far from the quality and attention that the clinic and the doctor gave me.

Mihai-Alexandru Mătrăgună


Mihai-Alexandru Mătrăgună

Super nice clinic! The doctors are very friendly and they treat kids very well. I love to come here when I must adjust something at my brackets!

C-tin-Daniel Ionescu


C-tin-Daniel Ionescu

Premium materials and best techniques and skills. The most professional and trustworthy dental office in town for surgical, advanced and routine procedures for all ages and definitely my favourite!

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