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Belgrade, Serbia
e.g. Tooth extraction

Dental practice Dr Darko Mihailović

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Vojvode Stepe 194, Beograd 11000 , Serbia

Dr. Darko Mihailović dental practice is a family dentistry practice.The principle of work is to relieve patients in a relaxed atmosphere of fear, which is the biggest obstacle to comfortable and high-quality dental treatment.The feeling of comfort, trust and expertise provides the whole family with complete dental services in one place.Family treatment package:1. Conservative treatment of teeth with endodontic treatment2. Periodontal treatments3. Removal of tartar, soft deposits, sandblasting4. Oral surgical interventions5. Fixed and mobile prosthetics, metal-free porcelain6. Aesthetic dentistry - laser teeth whitening and aesthetic dental prosthetics7. ImplantsSpecial importance is attached to working with children.Children's dentistry is dentistry in miniature, but very complex due to the animation, treatment that is highly specific.With the great trust of children in our team, we provide complete dental rehabilitation, preventive and orthodontic.Belgrade, the captivating capital of Serbia, has emerged as a leading destination for dental tourism, attracting patients from around the globe seeking exceptional dental care combined with a rich cultural experience. With its renowned dental clinics, historic landmarks, and warm hospitality, Belgrade offers a truly unforgettable dental tourism journey.Dental tourism in Belgrade has gained popularity for several compelling reasons, with affordability and high-quality dental care topping the list. Compared to many Western countries, dental treatments in Belgrade are remarkably cost-effective without compromising on the standards of care. Patients can save significantly on various dental procedures, including general dentistry, cosmetic treatments, dental implants, and more, making Belgrade an enticing option for those seeking top-notch dental care at a fraction of the cost.Belgrade's dental clinics are at the forefront of dental technology and modern practices, employing highly skilled and experienced dentists. These clinics offer a wide array of treatments tailored to individual needs, ensuring that patients receive personalized care with outstanding results. Whether it's routine check-ups, smile makeovers, or complex restorative procedures, dental tourists can trust in the expertise and dedication of Belgrade's dental professionals.

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Free first examination




No waiting period

Free offer

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e.g. Tooth extraction

All 18 treatments

  • Metal ceramic crown

  • Zirconium crown

  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

  • All on 4 (acrylic teeth)

  • All on 6 (acrylic teeth)

  • Straumann implant insertion

  • Composite fillings (white fillings)

  • Tooth extraction

  • Complete dentures

  • Denture supported by 4 implants with locators (hybrid dentures)

  • Removal of dental calculus

  • Non-metal crown

  • Removal of dental calculus + teeth polishing

  • Laser teeth whitening

  • Full periodontal treatment


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Organized Bus/Van transfer

Organized transfer service takes you from your accommodation to the clinic and back. It is convenient, safe, and easy, especially if you are new to the country or have limited mobility. Note that terms and conditions may change, so please contact us to learn more about The benefit.

Ortopan 2D scaning in Clinic

This is an advanced scanning technology to produce high-quality images of your oral structures. Intraoral X-rays focus on teeth and jaw, while panoramic X-rays show the whole mouth and face. The process is quick, safe, and involves low-dose radiation and digital technology. The clinic can store and share these images with specialists as needed, ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular treatments for Dental practice Dr Darko Mihailović?

Some of the most popular treatments in Dental practice Dr Darko Mihailović are:
  • Metal ceramic crown
  • Zirconium crown
  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

Which amenities are available in Dental practice Dr Darko Mihailović?

You can expect these amenities from Dental practice Dr Darko Mihailović:
  • Free first examination
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetic
  • Orthodontics

How do I find the best clinic for my dental treatment abroad?

To find the best clinic for your dental treatment abroad, you can use our platform to compare different clinics based on their prices, reviews, ratings, services, facilities, locations, and credentials. You can also contact our advisors who can help you choose the most suitable clinic for your needs.

How do I book an appointment with a clinic abroad?

To book an appointment with a clinic abroad, you can use our platform to request an inquiry to the clinic of your choice. You can also set up your plans with client managers who will assist you through the process.

2 Reviews

Vukadin Majkovic


Vukadin Majkovic

Vrlo strucno i efikasno obavljanje posla uz adekvatnu dozu opustenosti. Sve preporuke!

Milica null



Ljubaznost, znanje, optimizam, kultura! Vrlo stručno, temeljito, detaljno i pedantno. Velika posvećenost i profesionalnost. Davanje kvalitetnih saveta, sa izuzetnim poštovanjem. Oduševljena sam i drago mi je što sam baš na njih naišla, i to sasvim slučajno; na internetu sam pronašla njihovu adresu, ne znajući unapred ništa o njima, a otišla i vratila se kući sa velikim zadovoljstvom i osmehom, pa sam i dalje pod utiskom. Sada, na osnovu ličnog iskustva, garantujem i Vama da se nećete pokajati ukoliko se odlučite baš za njih, što ćete svakako zaključiti već nakon prvog susreta. Ukoliko još uvek niste pronašli tim lekara koji će biti pravi izbor za Vas, za celu Vašu porodicu i prijatelje, i to na dugoročno, nemojte sumnjati da ste na pravom putu. Moja topla preporuka, a Vaše je da napravite prvi korak, odete i uverite se i sami. Bićete srdačno dočekani i uživaćete, sigurna sam, i u predivnom ambijentu. Ono što mi je vrlo važno da kažem je da se ne plašite da ćete bankrotirati, kao što to obično biva kad posetite stomatologa, jer su cene (na moje ogromno iznenađenje!) i više nego povoljne! Pristupačne i za ljude sa skromnijim prihodima a kvalitet usluga je garantovano odličan. Moj pravi izbor. Zadovoljstvo mi je da Vas pohvalim i preporučim svima. Zasluženo * * * * * i još puno zvezdica! Srdačno, Milica

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