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dr. Bojana Antonić

Bojana Antonic was born in 1976. He enrolled at the Faculty of Medicine in Banja Luka in 1994, Department of Dentistry.

After completing her studies, she begins work in the specialist surgery of oral surgery Dr Sipka, where she gains practice and experience in the field of implantology and surgery, as well as dental prosthetics. While working in this office, she completed her specialization in oral surgery and implantology and established the Smile Plus specialist center. During clinical practice she also works as an associate professor at the Department of Oral Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine in Banja Luka, Department of Dentistry.

SHe is expertly trained and monitors contemporary achievements in the world of dentistry and attends numerous congresses such as: Novi Sad 2009, Hvar 2011, Vienna 2012, Zagreb 2013, Liechtenstein 2014, Belgrade 2015.

SHe regularly encounters the most demanding cases of dental implantology, with several thousand successfully implanted implants behind her. She is certified to work on a number of implant implications: BioHorizons, Straumann, Izomed, MIS.

As the founder of the specialist center "Dr Antonic" , which is the crown of many years of knowledge acquisition, she is at the service of patients, where with dedicated and professional work she established an office where patients come with confidence. Together with her specialist team she is able to cope with the most challenging situations of oral health care, and with the latest equipment and materials to create an aesthetic-functional solution to the satisfaction of the patient first and then the specialist team himself.

dr. Igor Rvovic 

Doctor Igor Rvovic, is specialist in orthodontics, is constantly studying in Banja Luka and Vienna training in international courses and clinics (Berlin 2015, Dusseldorf 2017). Since 2011 he has been primarily engaged in orthodontics. He regularly follows the latest developments in dentistry. Through his work he strives to promote the importance of oral health and is able to cope with it the most challenging cases in the field of orthodontics. In his work he applies fixed and mobile orthodontic appliances, INVISALING foils as well as other modern orthodontic techniques. He is specially trained in working with mini-implants and as a specialist in orthodontics contributes to the team at solving complex situations combining orthodontic-surgical and prosthetic aspects. He is actively speaking English and German.

dr. Sladjana Cvisic

Dr Sladjana Cvisic, a specialist in pediatric and preventative dentistry, was born in Derventa, and medically Faculty, Department of Dentistry as well as Specialization ends in Banja Luka. Her education in spec. the field of pediatric and preventative dentistry is continuously monitored in countries. She is qualified to work with colleagues in various specialist fields, such as oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontology. In addition, she pays great attention to cosmetic dentistry, design composite wines, and top quality prosthetic work. It attaches particular importance to preventative work and to the care of caries in children. During fifteen years of experience, the doctor successfully rehabilitates the trauma of both baby and permanent teeth. With teamwork led by a doctor, children with disabilities can get adequate dental service. A gentle and methodical approach to the child is the foundation of healthy mouth and teeth in old age.

dr. Vanja Đukić

Dr Vanja Djukic, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry in Banja Luka. In her ten - year work, she pays great attention to endodontics and cosmetic dentistry (composite veneers, ceramic veneers, Hollywood smile ...) She studied in the countries of the region in the field of endodontics and prosthetics. She is specially trained in mechanical engineering root canal treatment which forms the basis of all good prosthetic work. She has also been educated in the field of aesthetic skin regeneration by treatment with mesotherapy (dermapen). In her work she attaches great importance to a conscientious and gentle approach in working with the patient.

dr. Jelena Jotanović

Jelena Jotanovic was born in 1981 in Jajce. Faculty of Medicine, Department of Dentistry ended in Banja Luka 2010. She gained her working experience at the Prijedor Medical School, lecturer in the dental group of subjects (Fixed prosthetics, Pediatric and preventative dentistry, Oral surgery). In addition to the work experience of the lecturer doctor has been working in practice since 2014. Continuously monitors educations through international symposia, scientific and professional meetings, and congresses from areas of restorative and aesthetic dentistry, dental prosthetics and endodontics.


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 Free Accommodation for greater dental procedures

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 Available 24h for emergency

 Language: Serbian, Croatian, English, German



 Distance From Airport 23 km



For greater reconstructive works, accommodation is free.


Price list

Composite fillings (white fillings)30 EUR 
Implant insertion (Straumann)700 EUR 
Metal ceramic crown100 EUR 
Non-metal crown200 EUR 
Complete dentures250 EUR 
Porcelain laminates (Veneers)250 EUR 
Teeth whitening200 EUR 
Fixed dental braces (one jaw)600 EUR 

Pricing: €€ (2,7)

Price level estimation is a weighted middle of the 10 most important services.



Fillings - 1 year, Dentures - 5 years, Crowns - 10 years, Implants -  Lifetime


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Jevrejska 103a,78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Phone: +38664228181 (MON - FRI: 9:00 - 17:00)


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