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Istanbul, Turkey
e.g. Tooth extraction

Sengel Clinic

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Ayazağa Mahallesi, Atatürk Caddesi No:65 Kat:2 D:4 Sarıyer / İstanbul, Turkey

Welcome to Sengel Clinics! Şengel Clinics Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, founded by Dr. Yusuf Oğuz Şengel, have been offering all Dental treatments and services at Maslak and Fulya branches since 2014. Şengel Clinics Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics are primarily for the patients coming from Turkey and abroad; In order to provide diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases, it provides services in a corporate structure that respects patient rights, in respects of ethical values, and succeeds in delivering the latest information and latest technology in dentistry to our patients with our proffesional dentists.

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e.g. Tooth extraction

All 16 treatments

  • Metal ceramic crown

  • Zirconium crown

  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

  • Nobel Biocare implant insertion

  • Bego Implant insertion

  • Straumann implant insertion

  • Composite fillings (white fillings)

  • Tooth extraction

  • Complete dentures

  • Removal of dental calculus

  • Removal of dental calculus + teeth polishing

  • Laser teeth whitening

  • Straumann SLActive Implant insertion

  • Composite veneers made in office

  • Composite veneers made in laboratory


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Zygoma Implants

Zygoma implants are a special type of tooth repair. They are used when the patient has lost much of the bone in their upper jaw and normal solutions won’t work. They are attached to the cheekbone, which is strong and can hold them well. Then, the dentist will put new teeth on top of the foundation. This is a complex procedure and should be performed only by experienced professionals with expertise in implantology.


Sedation is a way to make you feel calm and relaxed when you have a dental procedure. The dentist will choose the best way to sedate you, based on your health and medical history. You need to have someone with you who can look after you. You also need to do what the dentist tells you before and after the procedure. You may feel a bit sleepy or dizzy for a while, so don’t do anything hard or dangerous.

Full Ansthesia

If you need a lot of dental work or feel nervous about dental procedures, you could be eligible for complete unconsciousness using full anesthesia.It's essential to know that this kind of anesthesia could be risky to your heart and breathing. It should only be given by a well-trained and experienced medical professional in a proper medical facility with emergency procedures in place.We highly recommend that someone responsible accompanies you to your appointment if you choose full anesthesia. After the procedure, you might feel sleepy and have other effects that last a while. It's crucial to follow your dental team's instructions and avoid tasks that need your full attention until you're completely better

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular treatments for Sengel Clinic?

Some of the most popular treatments in Sengel Clinic are:
  • Metal ceramic crown
  • Zirconium crown
  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

Which amenities are available in Sengel Clinic?

You can expect these amenities from Sengel Clinic:
  • Free first examination
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetic
  • No waiting period

How do I find the best clinic for my dental treatment abroad?

To find the best clinic for your dental treatment abroad, you can use our platform to compare different clinics based on their prices, reviews, ratings, services, facilities, locations, and credentials. You can also contact our advisors who can help you choose the most suitable clinic for your needs.

How do I book an appointment with a clinic abroad?

To book an appointment with a clinic abroad, you can use our platform to request an inquiry to the clinic of your choice. You can also set up your plans with client managers who will assist you through the process.

1 Review

Maria Klein


Maria Klein

I have been living in Istanbul for 2 years and my Turkish isnt very well. Therefore, it was very significant to have dentists who knew English. (My treatment was done by Dr. Oğuz) This clinic really clean and the doctors are experienced. Also, the prices are suprising according to the service provided. (for implant treatment) I highly recommend it guys!!! Thank youu!!!

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