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Belgrade, Serbia
e.g. Tooth extraction

Dental Practice Dentist

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Dragice končar 27, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Stomatološka ordinacija Dentist is a prominent dental clinic located in the bustling city of Belgrade, renowned for its commitment to providing superior dental care in a warm and welcoming environment. With a team of highly skilled dentists and state-of-the-art facilities, Dentist has become a trusted choice for patients seeking exceptional dental treatments in Serbia's capital.At Dentist, patient satisfaction is at the heart of everything they do. The clinic offers a comprehensive range of dental services, covering everything from preventive care and general dentistry to advanced restorative procedures, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics. Each treatment is tailored to meet the individual needs of patients, ensuring personalized care that delivers optimal results.Dentist takes pride in staying at the forefront of dental technology and innovation. The clinic employs cutting-edge equipment and follows the latest industry practices to provide patients with the most effective and efficient dental solutions available. Patients can rest assured that they are in the hands of skilled professionals who prioritize their comfort and well-being.The dentists at Dentist are not only experts in their field but also compassionate caregivers. They understand that visiting the dentist can sometimes cause anxiety, and they strive to create a calming and supportive atmosphere for every patient. The team takes the time to thoroughly explain treatments, address any concerns, and ensure that patients are well-informed and comfortable throughout their dental journey.In addition to the exceptional dental care, Dentist places the utmost importance on maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety. The clinic strictly adheres to rigorous sterilization protocols and follows all necessary infection control measures to guarantee a clean and safe environment for patients and staff.Belgrade's growing popularity as a dental tourism destination makes Dentist an excellent choice for international patients as well. The clinic warmly welcomes visitors from around the world, offering assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation options, and language interpretation services. Dental tourists can explore the rich cultural heritage of Belgrade while receiving world-class dental care.

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Free first examination




No waiting period

Organize City tour


e.g. Tooth extraction

All 17 treatments

  • Metal ceramic crown

  • Zirconium crown

  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

  • Composite fillings (white fillings)

  • Tooth extraction

  • Complete dentures

  • Removal of dental calculus

  • Non-metal crown

  • Removal of dental calculus + teeth polishing

  • Endodontic treatment of a vital tooth

  • Sandblasting for teeth with air flow method (removal of pigmentation)

  • Amalgam fillings (black filling)

  • Composite veneers made in office

  • Partial dentures with metal base framework

  • Self-ligating brackets: quick (metal - one jaw)


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Organized Bus/Van transfer

Organized transfer service takes you from your accommodation to the clinic and back. It is convenient, safe, and easy, especially if you are new to the country or have limited mobility. Note that terms and conditions may change, so please contact us to learn more about The benefit.

Own labaratory

The facility offers a range of dental prosthetics and custom-made appliances for patients. The clinic prioritizes clear communication with technicians, resulting in faster creation with superior quality and customization. You will receive the best fit and appearance for your teeth.

Workmanship warranty

This clinic provides a workmanship warranty for dental treatments. If any issues arise within a specified period after the procedure, they will be fixed at no extra cost. Patients should understand the terms and choose a reputable clinic with experienced professionals. Review the warranty document and keep a copy for reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most popular treatments for Dental Practice Dentist?

Some of the most popular treatments in Dental Practice Dentist are:
  • Metal ceramic crown
  • Zirconium crown
  • Porcelain laminates (Veneers)

Which amenities are available in Dental Practice Dentist?

You can expect these amenities from Dental Practice Dentist:
  • Free first examination
  • Implantology
  • Prosthetic
  • Orthodontics

How do I find the best clinic for my dental treatment abroad?

To find the best clinic for your dental treatment abroad, you can use our platform to compare different clinics based on their prices, reviews, ratings, services, facilities, locations, and credentials. You can also contact our advisors who can help you choose the most suitable clinic for your needs.

How do I book an appointment with a clinic abroad?

To book an appointment with a clinic abroad, you can use our platform to request an inquiry to the clinic of your choice. You can also set up your plans with client managers who will assist you through the process.

1 Review

Jelena Milić


Jelena Milić

Sve pohvale za ovu ordinaciju! Inače se jako plašim zubara (kao i većina :D ), ali osoblje je veoma ljubazno i tako prijatna atmosfera me je dosta opustila. Hvala stomatološkoj ordinaciji Dentist. :)

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